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Jurek Kozyra

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Show Notes

On this episode Hannah, Boya, Erik and new co-host Dhaval sit down with Jurek Kozyra, founder of the molecular programming startup, Nanovery. Over the course of this wide-ranging interview, he tells us about how learning biology can help your dating life, his PhD work at the intersection of biotech and computer science and his early ventures in cherry picking and private investigation before diving into his story of building a successful startup with funders, employees, and lab space.


Jurek Kozyra is the founder and CEO of Nanovery. He obtained his BSc in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence from the University of Nottingham, where he studied bio-inspired and unconventional computing. Afterwards, Jurek earned his PhD in DNA nanotechnology and DNA computing from Newcastle University working at ICOS (one of the leading computational synthetic biology research groups in the UK). He was also an entrepreneurial lead for a university biotech spin-out based on the DNA barcoding technology he developed. In 2018 Jurek started Nanovery—a molecular diagnostic company developing DNA nanorobots for early detection of diseases from blood samples. The mission of the company is to enable accurate and simple testing closer to the patient bedside.