Lab Pigs

Josie Kishi

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Show Notes

In the second episode of our ‘Lab Pigs’ series, which highlights the research and journeys of early career researchers in our field, we talked with Josie Kishi. Josie was instrumental in developing the Primer Exchange Reaction (PER) synthesis method and the related imaging method, SABER. As well as talking about these, we found out what excites her about molecular programming, how she got into the field, and where she things it’s going to go.


Josie Kishi’s interest in molecular programming was sparked when she took an elective course in biomolecular computing during college. She went on to work with Peng Yin and others at the Wyss Institute, where her primary focus was to develop the Primer Exchange Reaction (PER) synthesis method. She showed how PER cascades can be used to perform logical operations and record temporal molecular events (Nature Chemistry 2017) and for generating long single-stranded concatemers for amplifying multiplexed fluorescence imaging signal (Nature Methods 2019). Josie holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Caltech and a Ph.D. in Systems Biology from Harvard.