DNA origami · Biosensors · Microscopy

Viktorija Glembockyte

Light-based diagnostics

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Show Notes

On this episode the molpigs team talks with Viktorija Glembockyte, a postdoc in the Tinnefeld lab at Ludwig-Maximilians University. Her research focuses on how we can make highly sensitive diagnostic tools for a variety of biomolecules using DNA origami to merge sensing with signal amplification. She describes how her scientific and management skills have grown from her time in a hardcore chemistry lab, to now starting her own independent group.


Viktorija Glembockyte did her bachelors in chemistry at Jacobs University Bremen and her PhD with Gonzalo Cosa at McGil University before joining the lab of Phillip Tinnefeld at Ludwigs-Maximillians University to work on modular nanosensors based on DNA origami where she developed multiple modular platforms for single-molecule biosensing. She is now a junior group leader at LMU and is currently planning her next career move later this year.